Don’t love but miss you…

Unimportant, who you have someone… Not about me
Disreguarding, when you’re happy…
I want to know when you’re alone…

someone maybe ever listened this song but a little of this generation ever hear this song.This song is one of my favorite old songs

Don’t love but miss you – Cha-Leang band

When I listen it I visualize friends, you and me. we different anything, difference dream. But we’ve kindness each other. we got a friend. You will do what it do. It’s about yours. When you’s not OK.Please come to me. I’m stil on your side. i always miss you.I hope be the first you reminded me.

This is another part that I like very much.

I don’t hold when you failed if you can stand up by yourself.
I know…I see that you can stand up by yourself. I will be looked at  you proudly from afar.

In Thai language means I will support you, look  you stand up by yourself. I feel this song good for friends, family, for everyone.

We do not love a lot but we always miss togther…

PS. My  English don’t well. Please apologised me  and  advice  me in comment.I want to developed my english.



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